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Thanks, for dropping by, I'm Nadine

and I'm Not Another Feckin' Business Coach.

Yeh right, I hear you say (honestly I hear you, you may not think I do but I do!!)

I've been trading online since my kids and the internet were in their infancy!

I've had a business where I sold my own innovative product into most of the major high street retailers and supermarkets both here in the UK and as far away as the US and Australia.  I've supplied the likes of Boots, Mothercare, WH Smiths, Walgreens, Asda, Target (Australia) to name but a few.

I've also had a business that was the industry leader and market disrupter.

For a while I went into failing businesses and worked with them to turn things around and more recently I help business by providing strategy and web design.

I've won a National Business Award beating the likes of Orange & Royal Bank of Scotland, I've spoken in the Houses of Parliament to the Select Committee for entrepreneurship and I've mentored some incredible women.

I take all this knowledge, experience and insight and I get my clients over their mind-monkeys. ​This feckin' business coach is able to move you from stuck to cookin' on heat in a flash!  Oh and I can combine all this with a shit-hot website Designed in a Day so that your business goes from stagnant to income-generating almost immediately.

Work with Me

Work with Me

If you are really ready to get intentional, get over your blocks and move forward with your business then there are currently three ways you can work with me.

Harness the Power of One, in just one day I guarantee you will have laser sharp focus on what your offer is, who you are aiming at, your message and how you will go to market.  Be prepared for a very very intense day (but don't worry these are short-sharp sections broken down with lots of breaks and time to clear your mind before we move on through this power-packed day.

Maybe you are struggling with what to say in your social media, blogs and marketing?  In this powerful 90 minute session I help you Find your Voice so that you can tap into a stream of quality, unique content that will help you establish yourself as an expert in your area or certainly a contributor with something worthwhile to say!

Or join me for 90 minutes of pure no-bull coaching.  Breaking all the rules and drawing on years of experience, I will help you overcome whatever it is that you feel is blocking you so that you can move forward and just do it (in the words of Nike)!!

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