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Be Unique

Do you really struggle with what to say on social media day in day out?  We’ve all been there and I was really particularly blocked for months on end a couple of years ago.  I genuinely felt I had nothing to contribute that was of value.  I took to “hiding” behind quotes from famous people or packs of Canva templates that I purchased and just changed them to my colours - you know the one’s - name three things or this or that, etc.


So yes I was semi-visible but in reality all I was doing was contributing to the noise and low value posts you see all the time and that all you do is scroll past.


I wasn’t showing up as myself, I wasn’t showing up as a contributor to my subject (web design) or the expert I am.  I was just showing up as more white noise.


If this sounds like you, I can help!


We will jump on a 90 minute zoom and we’ll talk and we will come up with ideas and lots of them!  With one client in two hours we came up with in excess of 150 subjects to talk about.  Another there was in excess of 50 subjects in an hour and I still had time to show her how to generate a stream of new ideas.

Some of the posts will establish you as an expert or contributor in your field and some with give you ideas for sales posts.  I’ll show you practical short cuts to generate a stream of ideas and I’ll share with you the tools I use to create a bank of content I can go to for the days when I don’t have the inspiration to write a post from the top of my head.


In 90 minutes you will have IDEAS + TOOLS + TIPS so that you can find your voice again and contribute meaningfully online. 

This isn’t templates, it isn’t fluff or meaningless it is purely a method to spark quality content.  You need to have a website or sales page (ie, google doc) to be able to get the best value out of our time together.

In just 90 minutes?

Yes and here is why.  

I want you to get real results in the shortest time possible.  I played around with having weekly Zoom calls but you know what, I want you to move you forward really, really quickly.  No more bullshit excuses.  No more dithering.  No more uncertainty.

After a week we will have a further hour together and I want to know how you have implemented and I'll help you over any hurdles.

You will have access to me on Voxer for a month for any additional support and to help you overcome any mind-monkeys or actual blocks.

Are there any caveats?

Yes, you need a website, sales page or document that I can review in advance.

Your Investment

Find your voice for £295

Want to talk it through?

Sure click on the button below and let's hop on a free 20 minute discovery call.

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