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Strategy, Blocks, Overwhelm and Everything
in Between

Stop, Just Stop!

Stop spending money on group coaching programmes (that you never finish), masterminds (that doesn't quite give you the answers you are looking for) and memberships (because well meaning but personalised to your specific needs).

Just 90 minutes!

Get the breakthrough you crave ... FAST!  Get real clarity in a session or two.​

My hope for you is that we can sort out whatever is blocking you in one or two sessions but I don't want to put any limits on you, so this "pay as you go" pricing is so that you know if you need more help it is always available!

Examples of Sh!t I can help with!

Target Market

Do you know who you are talking to?  Who your ideal client is?  What the focus of your business is?  Who are you targetting with your marketing.  Clarity around your target market will help you with every aspect of your marketing.


What do you want from your business?  Where are you taking it?  Are you unsure of the general direction?  Is your business lacking direction or is it just not performing as well as you'd have hoped by this stage.  We can dig deep and dig fast to work out what the issues are and put strategy in place to move you forward.

Tech Overwhelm

In my "other" life, I design shit-hot, high-converting websites ... in a day!  I get the tech and I can help you work out what you need to either automate your business or give you the online presence you need in order to break-through your blocks.  

WTF Happened?

Did your last launch fail?  Do people arrive and leave your website immediately?  Why aren't people engaging with you on social media anymore?  Why aren't people buying from you anymore?  Whatever the obstacle (or obstacles) you are facing, we will do a really deep-dive and work out what's happened and how we can tweak to ensure success.

Your Investment

As with everything else my pricing is simple:

£295 for a 90 minute first session

£195 for a 60 minute follow up session (within six months)

or £595 for three sessions taken ANY TIME you want within 6 months.  You could do three close together or one every other month to keep you on track, whatever works for you.

Just think how much that will save you in courses, memberships and group coaching!

Want to talk it through?

Sure click on the button below and let's hop on a free 20 minute discovery call.


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