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Are you ready to unleash

The Power of One

One Offer
One Client
One Service
One Message
One Call to Action
One Route to Market


One Day

You have been struggling FOREVER to progress in your business, watching everyone else seemingly take off into orbit whilst your feet are still firmly planted on the ground.  In fact you feel like you are wading through quick sand sinking deeper and deeper waiting for someone or something to through you that life-line, pull you out and set you on your way.


So here it is and here I am!


You and I are going to harness The Power of One.  We are going to take a day together (either in person or by Zoom) and in our time together we will work out what it is you are going to offer, to whom and how you are going to get that person to work with you or join your programme.  We will cover it all and at the end of the day you will know exactly who you are talking to, what you are saying to them, where you will be saying it to them and what you will get them to do in order to work with you.


Sure, it will be an intense day but I have built in loads of downtime and consolidation time and I promise it will be fun despite being intense.

All in just One Day??

Yes and here is why.  

I want you to get real results in the shortest time possible.  I played around with having weekly Zoom calls but you know what, I want you to move you forward really, really quickly.  No more bullshit excuses.  No more dithering.  No more uncertainty.

After a week we will have a further hour together and I want to know how you have implemented and I'll help you over any hurdles.

You will have access to me on Voxer for a month for any additional support and to help you overcome any mind-monkeys or actual blocks.

But I have more than One 'Thing'

Of course you do!

But that is where the overwhelm comes from ... wanting to do it all.  So we strip that back and we work on that first thing.  The other things will follow once you are ready.

Get known for that one thing, solve that one problem for people, hone your messaging.  Then rinse and repeat for your other things.

Your Investment

Currently The Power of One is just £1,111 and for a limited time only I will be offering a "Find your Voice" session with my compliments.

Want to talk it through?

Sure click on the button below and let's hop on a free 20 minute discovery call.

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